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3D Printing: The Revolution in Manufacturing

3D Printing: The Revolution in Manufacturing

3D Printing: The Revolution in Manufacturing


Yes, a revolution. The industrial market has remained in frequent change in recent years, but the incorporation of 3D printing as an essential part of the manufacturing process has made it rethink and completely restructure it. This technology allows a huge reduction in investment, boosting in turn gains for efficiency improvement and completely transforming the industrial landscape in the continent. Less investment, greater gain; lower logistics in purchasing departments and greater empowerment in the equipment process. The most essential questions about the deployment and utility of the technique will be answered in detail below.

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What is this about 3D printing?


This technique is based on the creation of three-dimensional objects from digital designs. Only the exact model of the object to be printed is needed and it is possible to have it in 3D and fully functional. From electronic equipment, industrial parts, clothing, to human organs for high-risk surgery. These volumetric replicas are created by a single third-dimensional printer, so the investment to generate new objects is only used in the machine itself, the materials and the previous design. Investment that represents an abysmal percentage reduction in comparison with the traditional manufacturing of the product by product, without mentioning expenses in import of raw material. Even NASA uses this technique every day! In 2013 alone, it achieved the construction of 75% of a rocket engine with a historic propulsion for the year's standards, all with 3D printing technology.



Everything seems too simple, how is the printing process carried out?


The printing of any thought object is given through many layers. It could be thought of as a process of "interpretation" performed by the 3D printer of the elaborated design, and then start its production in phases. It is simply a computerized process, in which you must have a model already designed in three dimensions and can be scanned for the machine. The printer probes the object and divides it into virtual parts for its construction, then proceeds to assemble it physically. Basically the raw material that is needed is molten plastic and it is very easy to acquire and handle. The printer melts the material at temperatures around 250 ° C and molds the object in parts until the final product is assembled with exact characteristics to the design that was introduced.


Is it possible to reduce manufacturing costs with 3D printing?


Having the ability to produce entire objects or pieces for the assembly of a final product, means that many phases of purchase and storage will be skipped and that they will be on hand in less time. It means a saving of money, human capital and time. In addition, customized objects can be produced with particular designs that respond to the special needs of any market. Human prostheses that adapt to individual requirements in the medical field, mass-produced construction materials that allow more construction in less time and even serial commercial products that reach a consumer's hands faster. Reduce costs and detach from the idea of ass production without individuality, without dedication and without responding to specific demands of a market.


From the voice of Francisco Rolando Archila Dehesa:


"Getting on the train of digital innovation is the future of modern industry. Just a decade ago it was unthinkable that we could take an idea directly to a physical product in simple steps, as if it were created by magic, today taking it to an overwhelming reality. A complete mechanical system or a minimum piece, a toy for a child with special needs, a healthy organ for a sick individual. We are entering the era of the possible with 3D printing and we can certainly say that we are entering the right time ".

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