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The Colors of Biotechnology

The Colors of Biotechnology

The Colors of Biotechnology


Biotechnology is the use, creation and control of biological systems and their inherent living organisms to obtain artificial products required by man. A term that seems to refer to something incomprehensible is really a process that has been used for thousands of years, when man discovered the power of food fermentation through microorganisms. Bread, wine and beer were the first creations through biotechnology with the use of microorganisms.


In contemporary times began to give a more complex use to derive substances such as antibiotics from microorganisms. The so-called "magic bullets" were responsible for killing harmful bacteria without touching healthy human cells, which resulted in one of the greatest scientific creations in history. Penicillin was the pioneer in the use of biotechnology in the medical field and thus it became more and more formal with formal methodology, until having all the different branches of applications that we have in the present.


Classic colors


Red or Biomedicine: The most famous and useful application of biotechnology has been with the field of medicine. From new vaccines created every year to genetic therapies and regeneration of stem cells, the base of medicine is biotechnology. All medical specialties resort to this discipline in their method, processes and application.


Blue or Navy: The marine research area is responsible for the search for new compounds and resources within each marine ecosystem, such as antitumor compounds.


Green or Agri-food: It is the process of obtaining healthier, more productive vegetables with healthier properties with the use of the vast potential of transgenic compounds.


White or Industrial or Energetic: It leads large-scale industrial processes, such as developing new and renewable sources of energy or producing drugs on a large scale. One of its greatest contributions is to reduce pollution and have greater efficiency in biological synthesis compared to chemistry.


Gray or Environmental: Its work is that of the preservation of the natural environment, fixing or preventing possible ecological disasters. Examples may be its cloning techniques for the preservation of genomes of different species or the use of microorganisms within bioremediation.


New colors


Yellow or Nutritional: It works as an alternative to green biotechnology, although it focuses more on the food aspects of agriculture. It works not only with vegetables but with any type of natural food.


Black or Anti-Bioterrorism: Like all technological advances, unscrupulous people try to take advantage to create weapons of mass destruction such as biological weapons. Something that has vast potential for the human being can also become its destruction, so that multiple professionals have focused on anticipating and remedying these threats against the integrity of society.


Professional colors


Dorada or Computing: The biotechnologist is one of the professionals with greater versatility in its application, so it manages to transform bioinformatics from only one discipline to having an independent scientific method. It is responsible for resolving problems with biological complexity and providing computer and digital solutions for greater efficiency and speed of solution.


Orange or Disclosure: All science needs a way of being disclosed, taught and mass. More than an application of biotechnology, it is a way to share it with the scientific community and with the general public, through courses, conferences and scientific material. A science can not be if it stays behind the doors of a laboratory.


Purple or Legal: This last color contemplates one of the oldest disciplines in modern history and at the same time more novel in its knowledge: Bioethics. It contemplates the legal and ethical control of the biotechnological task and the responsibility of its professionals.


From the voice of Francisco Rolando Archila Dehesa:


"Biotechnology gets new nuances within its same colors every day. It is the perfect match between nature and the scientific advances of man. It is a procedure that has been from the first evolutionary stages of the human being, and it is from this rudimentary task that we manage to move forward without disconnecting ourselves from the earth. We advance through it and for it, with a bioethical task that continues to regulate and maintain the advance of technology along the path of self-preservation of man ".

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